In 1981, Gerald R. Ford dedicated the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum to the American people. The Museum is situated on a six-acre site with a diverse history. Originally a Native American village, it has also been the site of a one-room German schoolhouse and factories for the area’s thriving furniture industry. Today, Ah-Nab-Awen Park (meaning Resting Place), named by the Elders of the Three Fires Council, fronts and separates the Museum from the Grand River. It continues to be a meeting place for the inhabitants of our community who continue to gather on the banks of the River for ethnic festivals, celebrations, and somber community commemorations.

The mirrored windows of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum look out on and reflect the city where Gerald Ford grew up. Although very little has been left unchanged of the downtown landscape, and the population has grown in size and diversity, inwardly, the basic values and character of Grand Rapids and her people remain as they were when Gerald Ford was a boy.

We invite you to take our virtual tour of Grand Rapids and the many locations and events that played a role in shaping our 38th President’s life.

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