Gerald R. Ford Oral History Project

From 2008 through 2013, the President Gerald R. Ford Oral History Project sought to preserve the enduring legacy of our Nation’s 38th President. Over 160 interviews were conducted with Ford Family members, friends of President and Mrs. Ford, President Ford’s colleagues in the U.S. Congress, former Cabinet and White House Staff members of the Ford Administration, and numerous others. These conversations discussed a wide range of topics, including President Ford’s early years in Grand Rapids, his twenty five years as a Congressman, his appointment as Vice President, his swearing-in as President,  Domestic and Foreign Policy, the Nixon Pardon, the 1976 Presidential Election, President and Mrs. Ford’s Post-Presidency years, and President Ford’s State Funeral ceremonies and services.

Click on the names listed below to learn more about President Gerald R Ford, and to examine first-hand accounts of the extraordinary life and legacy of this remarkable man.
(** Denotes Interview Transcript Release Pending)

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