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In conjunction with the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum’s aircraft carrier exhibit “Taking the Seas”, Vice Admiral David Architzel, USN (Ret.) provided a lecture on the evolution of the aircraft carrier. VADM Architzel is a graduate of the US Naval Academy and a career naval aviator who accumulated over 5,500 flight hours. Architzel previously served as Commanding Officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71 and before his retirement, he served as Commander Naval Air Systems Command. VADM Architzel was involved with the conception and development of the new Ford Class of US Navy Aircraft Carriers and the USS Gerald R. Ford CVN 78.

VADM Architzel presentation was a re-scheduled event from when USS Gerald R. Ford Commanding Officer Captain John Meier’s lecture was canceled previously due to weather. Architzel’s lecture focused on the importance of the US Navy on the world stage and the need for a strong naval presence in defending freedom. VADM Architzel listed the naval strategic principles which were identifying who we are fighting against, operating forward far from the continental United States and last is to be ready for the call to fight.

The US Navy’s presence, VADM Architzel¬† noted, serves as a sea-based strategic deterrent and forges trust with allies. Defining the modern presence was part of the development and change to the Ford Class of aircraft carriers. As technology has advanced, the Ford Class will seek to advance with the trends as well as advancements with military strategy. VADM Architzel’s presentation highlighted the mission of each class, the advancements that achieved its goals and also reasons why new classes were development to ensure continued US Naval dominance of the seas.

VADM Architzel featured the Ford Class advancements with the USS Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 serving as the first in this new class of carriers. Upgrades include new radar, re-positioned island, underwater protection features and updated elevators.

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