Year Distinguished Reporting on the Presidency Distinguished Reporting on National Defense
2017 Philip Rucker and Ashley Parker, The Washington Post J.J. Green, WTOP Radio
2017* Guy Taylor and Dan Boylan, The Washington Times
(Honorable Mention)
R. Jeffrey Smith, Patrick Malone, Chris Zubak-Skees, and Peter Cary, Center for Public Integrity (Honorable Mention)
2016 Gregory Korte, USA Today David Martin & Mary Walsh, CBS News
2015 Greg Jaffe, The Washington Post Andrew deGrandpre, Military Times
2016 Gregory Korte, USA Today David Martin & Mary Walsh, CBS News
2015 Greg Jaffe, The Washington Post Andrew deGrandpre, Military Times
2015* The team of: Mike Hixenbaugh, The Virginian-Pilot; Cynthia McFadden and Anna Schecter, NBC News; and Jason Paladino, UC Berkeley Investigative Reporting Program (Honorable Mention)
2014 Peter Baker, The New York Times W.J. Bennigan and Ralph Vartabedian, Los Angeles Times
2014* Gregory Korte, USA Today (Honorable Mention) Dennis Wagner, USA Today (Honorable Mention)
2013 Glenn Thrush, POLITICO David Philipps, The Gazette
2012 John Dickerson, Slate Hal Bernton, The Seattle Times
2012* Josh Gerstein & Carrie Budoff, POLITICO
(Honorable Mention)
Andrew Tilghman, Army Times (Honorable Mention)
2011 Scott Wilson, The Washington Post Corinne Reilly, The Virginian-Pilot
2011* Sean Naylor, Army Times (Honorable Mention)
2010 Steven Thomma, The McClatchy Newspapers Shane Harris, The Washingtonian
2009 Ben Feller, The Associated Press Greg Jaffe, The Washington Post
2008 Kenneth T. Walsh, U.S. News & World Report James Kitfield, National Journal
2007 Peter Baker, The Washington Post Rick Atkinson, The Washington Post
2006 Charlie Savage, The Boston Globe James Astill, The Economist
2005 Tom DeFrank, New York Daily News Mark Mazzetti, The New York Times
2004 Jackie Calmes, The Wall Street Journal Linda Robinson, U.S. News and World Report
2003 James Carney, Time Magazine Mark Thompson and Michael Duffy, Time
2002 Bob Woodward and Dan Balz, The Washington Post Greg Jaffe, The Wall Street Journal
2001 Susan Page, USA Today Dave Moniz, USA Today
2000 John Harris, The Washington Post Dana Priest, The Washington Post
1999 Carl Cannon, National Journal Russell Carollo, Dayton Daily News
1998 Michael Isikoff, Newsweek Robert Holzer, Defense News
1997 Kenneth Walsh, U.S. News David Wood, Newhouse News Service
1996 Eric Pooley, Time Magazine Rick Newman, U.S. News
1995 John Farrell, The Boston Globe James Kitfield, National Journal
1994 Michael Duffy, Time Magazine Genevieve Anton, Gazette Telegraph
1993 Ann Devroy, The Washington Post Barton Gellman, The Washington Post
1992 Kenneth Walsh, U.S. News David Morrison, National Journal
1991 Burt Solomon, National Journal Douglas Jehl, Los Angeles Times
1990 Susan Page, Newsday James Kitfield, Government Executive
1989 Gerald Seib, The Wall Street Journal Debra Lynn Polsky, Defense News
1988 David Hoffman, The Washington Post Richard Halloran, The New York Times
1987 Lou Cannon, The Washington Post Charles Corddry, The Baltimore Sun

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