First Day as 38th President of the United States

On August 9, 1974, Gerald R. Ford became President of the United States and immediately set to work. He did not have the luxury of an inauguration ceremony as the country was in conflict, domestically and internationally. Gerald R. Ford’s first day as President and his focus on a nation in crisis are detailed through photographs which include his remarks following being sworn in as President, White House briefings and meetings with International Leaders.

Walking from the Old Executive Office Building

Walking inside the White House to the East Room

Swearing-In Ceremony


Swearing-In Ceremony in the White House East Room


Chief Justice Warren Burger administers the Oath of Office

Attendees congratulate the President and First Lady

President Gerald R. Ford with First Lady Betty Ford



Remarks upon being sworn in as 38th President


Meeting with Congressional Leaders

Announcement of Jerald terHorst as White House Press Secretary

The First Family in the Oval Office

President Gerald R. Ford and First Lady Betty Ford


Official Photograph

Meeting with Japanese Ambassador to the U.S.

Meeting with U.S.S.R. Charge-d’Affairs to the U.S.

Meeting with Ambassadors from the Middle East

Meeting with Peoples’ Republic of China Chief of Liaison Office

Meeting with Senior Staff and Transition Advisors

Meeting with Republic of South Vietnam Ambassador to the U.S.