Historic Documents

The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan collects, preserves, and makes accessible to the public a rich body of archival materials on U.S. domestic issues, foreign relations, and political affairs during the Cold War era. Current holdings include 25 million pages of memos, letters, meeting notes, reports, and other historical documents. Also there are one-half million audiovisual items, including photographs, videotapes of news broadcasts, audiotapes of speeches and press briefings, film of public events, and televised campaign commercials. The history surrounding Gerald R. Ford’s Oath of Office is preserved through documentation including Richard Nixon’s resignation letter, White House Press Releases, White House Schedules, White House Memorandums and White House Press Pool reports on the first days of the Ford Presidency.

Daily Diary of President Gerald R. Ford for August 9th, 1974

Schedule of the Vice President Changes to Schedule of the President



President Richard Nixon’s Resignation Letter

President Richard Nixon’s Final Remarks to White House Staff and Cabinet

Vice President Gerald R. Ford’s Telephone Remarks to the Dedication of Housing Project, Watts Area Los Angeles, CA


Chief Justice Warren Burger’s Oath of Office Card and Note to President Gerald R. Ford

President Gerald R. Ford’s Remarks Upon Being Sworn in as 38th President of the United States



President Gerald R. Ford’s Reading Copy of Swearing In Remarks



Guest List of Gerald R. Ford’s Swearing In Ceremony





Office of the Vice President Schedule of Events





President Gerald R. Ford’s Remarks Upon Appointing Jerald terHorst as Press Secretary



Change in White House Personnel Memorandum




Memorandum for Members of the Vice Presidential Staff



President Gerald R. Ford’s Signed Letter to Vice Presidential Staff Member Paul Miltich



Memorandum for the White House Staff





Memorandum for the Heads of Departments and Agencies





Cabinet Meeting Minutes Memorandum





Pool Report on Meeting With NATO Ambassadors





Pool Report on the Meeting of the President With Soviet Charge



Pool Report on the Cabinet Meeting