[ Captain John Meier speaking at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, MI ]

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reflects on Captain John Meier’s path from attending high school in Export, PA, graduating from the US Naval Academy and in 2016 becoming the first Commanding Officer of CVN 78.

The article highlights Captain Meier’s character. Meier played on the Export varsity football team which propelled him to enroll at the US Naval Academy and continue playing sports. While attending school in Annapolis, Meier’s “focus on the mission at hand” led to his decision to leave the Naval Academy’s football team so that he could concentrate on his studies.

Captain Meier is honored to be chosen as CVN 78’s first Commanding Officer and understands the pivotal role he and the first crew will play in the life of the ship. Captain Meier continues his passionate connection to the ship and his crew, as he speaks with each new crew member upon their assignment to CVN 78.

To read more from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, please visithttp://triblive.com/news/westmoreland/9380871-74/meier-navy-uss#axzz3rnsPCgDq

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