Author James Rosebush presented a lecture on his book “True Reagan: What Made Reagan Great and Why It Matters” on October 18, 2016. The presentation was held at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

James Rosebush served simultaneously in three roles: Deputy Assistant to President Ronald Reagan, Chief of Staff to First Lady Nancy Reagan, and Senior White House Advisor. He began his White House career as President Reagan’s point-person on philanthropy and private-public partnerships (PPP). He was the longest serving Chief of Staff to Nancy Reagan, managing press media, scheduling, policy, and official functions at the White House.

Currently, Rosebush is the Chief Executive Officer of the international consulting firm, Growth Strategy, Inc.

Rosebush authored “True Reagan” which gives readers an exciting understanding of the space and texture of life in the dynamic Reagan White House. He wrote the book as way a to explain who Ronald Reagan really was to those that missed a perspective of the former President that was yet to be revealed. He also attempted to speak to the millennial generation to answer the questions “Who was Ronald Reagan and why does it matter to them today?”

Reagan’s character, as Rosebush proclaims, gave him the ability, courage, and strength to accomplish all that he did throughout his time as the 40th President of the United States. The book helps to frame the question of where did Reagan’s, and Gerald R. Ford’s, character come from and why are we lacking it today.

Also noting that while Ronald Reagan and Gerald R. Ford may have been political rivals, Rosebush believes both men were aligned together through their common trait of true character. Rosebush believes that both Reagan and Ford, who were rooted in their Midwest upbringings and values, could be great examples to our modern leaders.

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