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Address to a Joint Session of the Congress on the Economy

In his second appearance before a Joint Session of Congress, President Gerald R. Ford presented to Congress a message from the American people; that the people believed the economy was in need real attention, inflation needed to be tamed and that Congress must work together with his Administration to deliver leadership

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Remarks on Signing Proclamation Granting Pardon to Richard Nixon

One month after becoming President, Gerald R. Ford proclaimed a pardon for former President Richard Nixon regarding his actions involving the Watergate scandal, a politically damaging decision for Ford, but a decision of integrity for the nation to move beyond Watergate and heal the nation’s wounds

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Address to a Joint Session of the Congress

Gerald R. Ford made his first appearance at the U.S. Capitol as President of the United States during a Joint Session of Congress and began his remarks with “My fellow Americans, we have a lot of work to do. My former colleagues, you and I have a lot of work to do. Let’s get on with it”

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