While the Gerald R. Ford International Airport continues to add new airlines and services, the exhibit about Gerald R. Ford, prominently displayed in the airport lobby near TSA screening, was itself recently renovated. The wall featuring Gerald Ford’s career remains, as does the Walker Hancock bust of President Ford and the model of the USS Gerald R. Ford. That portion of the exhibit that featured his football exploits was struck and replaced with photographs of President Ford taken by David Kennerly. Over eighty of Kennerly’s photographs were on display at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in an exhibit titled “Extraordinary Circumstances”, which recently moved to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan. .

Accompanying Kennerly’s photographs is a video featuring David talking about President Ford and his experiences as the President’s personal photographer. The eight minute video allows Kennerly to recall some of the most historic photos he took of President Ford, his time with the FOrd family, and reflection on who he felt Gerald R. Ford was as President following the resignation of Richard Nixon.

The Foundation would like to thank former Trustee Peter Secchia and Joan Secchia for their vision and support of the President Gerald R. Ford Tribute Room project along with Trustee Fred Keller who served as Chairman of the Airport Tribute Committee.

(Video and content for this article courtesy of the Gerald Ford International Airport)

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