Shipbuilder Huntington Ingalls Industries has announced that electrical and fiber optic cables are now fully installed aboard USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN 78) as the ship nears completion.

CVN 78’s construction continues at Huntington Ingalls Newport News, VA based Newport News Shipbuilding facility. The 14 million feet of electrical and fiber optic wiring is reported to be long enough to travel between the Earth and the International Space Station more than ten times.

The electrical cabling throughout the USS Gerald R. Ford is more than ten million feet and the fiber optic cable is approximately four million feet.

With the integration of electrical and fiber optic cable, the ship’s upgraded construction continues to increase its ability to produce more while utilizing a smaller sized crew. The electrical system will have the ability to provide CVN 78 with 250% more electricity than previous carriers. The added capacity will enable the ship to launch more aircraft and load more weapons in less time and with less personnel.

The carrier is expected to be commissioned later this summer. To learn more about the commissioning and how to participate, please visit:

To continue reading about the cabling installation completion, please visit:

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