USS Gerald R. Ford CVN 78, first of a new class of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers for the Fleet, is expected to be commissioned in March, 2016. She will represent a new class of carriers, as successor to the USS Nimitz CVN 68 that was commissioned in 1975. USS Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 will pioneer new technologies such as electromagnetic catapults and arresting gear, a new island structure, expanded flight deck that will allow aircraft to be launched faster than ever before, 250 percent more electrical power, two next generation nuclear reactors and 500 fewer crew members.

The official Commissioning Committee has been formed and has begun planning for the Ford’s Commissioning in March, 2016. The Committee is seeking contributions from the public to fund special enhancements to the ship that will benefit and improve the quality of life for all crew members and their families.

The Commissioning Committee is made up of a broad representation of individuals from across the country, each of whom is dedicated to the mission of assisting the United States Navy in bringing the first of a new class of aircraft carriers to life in March of 2016 and to honoring the carrier’s namesake, President Gerald R. Ford and his lifetime of integrity.


Susan Ford Bales

Richard A. Ford

Byron M. Cavaney, Jr., Douglas DeVos, Gregory D. Willard

Hon. and Mrs. James A. Baker, III, Hon. and Mrs. James Cavanaugh, Hon. and Mrs. Dick Cheney, Hon. and Mrs. William Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. John Ford, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ford, Mr. Steven Ford, Hon. and Mrs. Alan Greenspan, Hon. Carla Hills and Hon. Roderick Hills, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Innamorati, Hon. and Mrs. Henry Kissinger, Hon. and Mrs. John Knebel, Hon. and Mrs. Melvin Laird, Hon. and Mrs. John O. Marsh, Hon. and Mrs. David Mathews, Hon. and Mrs. Terrence O’Donnell, Hon. and Mrs. Paul O’Neill, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Parma, Hon. and Mrs. Donald Rumsfeld, General Brent Scowcroft, Hon. and Mrs. William Usery, Hon. and Mrs. John Warner, Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Weill, Hon. and Mrs. Donald Winter, Hon. and Mrs. Frank Zarb

VADM David Architzel USN (Ret.), Mr. and Mrs. Vaden Bales, Mr. Allen Beermann, Mr. and Mrs. Hector Berlanga, Mr. Daniel Bitzer, Hon. Randell Bumgardner, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Calvaruso, Mr. and Mrs. Byron M. Cavaney, Jr., CAPT William Crow, USN (Ret), Mr. Len Nurmi and Ms. Ann Cullen, Mr. and Mrs. Doug DeVos, Mrs. Terri Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Devers, Ms. Jennifer Dunn, Ms. Linda Ermen,  Allen Fabijan, Maj Gen Jon Gallinetti, USMC, (Ret), Mr. John Griffing, Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hackett, Mr. Larry Harlow, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Huizenga, Ms. Dennie Jagger, Mr. Ross Jobson, Mrs. Bre Kingsbury, Mr. Stephen Kirkland, Wayne Kruger, Mrs. Gayle Lemieux, Mr. Victor Martinez, VADM James McArthur USN (Ret), Mr. and Mrs. Hank Meijer, FORCM James Monroe, USN (Ret), Mr. and Mrs. Terrence O’Donnell, FLTCM Jon Thompson, USN (Ret), Mr. Steve Van Andel, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Willard, Ms. Mary Pat Woodard
Maryellen Baldwin, Executive Director, Navy League Hampton Roads

Please join the Committee in its support of the USS Gerald R. Ford and her crew:


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