Growing Up Grand Exhibit Opening

On the morning following President Gerald R. Ford’s Grand Rapids Centennial Birthday Celebration Tribute Dinner, the Ford Family, Foundation Trustees and friends gathered to continue the celebrations leading up to what would have been Gerald R. Ford’s 100th birthday. Steve Ford, hosted the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum’s official kickoff for Growing Up Grand, an exhibit dedicated to Gerald R. Ford’s early years.

Elaine Didier, Director of the Library and Museum, mentioned how several features of the exhibit where now provided to the public for the very first time. The exhibit also includes constructed sets that mirror Gerald R. Ford’s environment growing up. Didier praised the Museum staff for their tremendous efforts, dedicated research and hard work in bringing the exhibit to life.

Paul O’Neill, former Secretary of Treasury and Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget for the Ford White House, commented on how the public may not know all of the great qualities of Gerald R. Ford, qualities that those close to him truly admired. Peter Secchia, former US Ambassador to Italy and long-time friend of the Ford Family, touched on Gerald Ford’s legacy which both started and will forever remain in Grand Rapids.

The US Army Chorus opened and closed the event with yet another amazing performance.

Growing Up Grand Exhibit

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