In his second appearance before a Joint Session of Congress, President Ford presented to Congress a message from the American people. The message was that the people believed the economy was in need real attention, inflation needed to be tamed and that Congress must work together with his Administration to deliver leadership.

President Ford stated the most important step American needed to take was to “Whip Inflation Now”. W-I-N would go on to be a major domestic policy the Ford Administration would campaign across the country during the first part of Gerald R. Ford’s Presidency.

During the Address, President Ford presented his 10 point plan to “turn American’s economy on” and to restore a stable American economy as a leader for the world. His plan included: producing more food to decrease inflated prices on food for the country; increasing the availability of capitol businesses & expansion of the supply of credit; helping the jobless through providing public service work opportunities & providing extended unemployment insurance; creation of jobs programs for cities that have unemployment over 6% and; not increasing gas taxes but approving a one year temporary 5% tax surcharge on corporate and upper level income individuals.

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